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Practicing VS Predicting the Future

Here's a true statement: The more precise you are in predicting the future, the greater chance you have of being wrong.

Whether you believe the future is crashing through your front door, or that you are zooming headfirst into the future, the reality of the opening statement remains. You cannot know with certainty what the future holds in store.

Organizations who rely on a rigid picture of what's to come are at grave risk of finding they have planned for the wrong outcome.

There is no magic pill, but the smart thing to do is to "practice the future" by setting up a Fool's Box of individuals who can talk about things only fools would discuss, so that when some of these crazy things become reality the organization can look around and say, "Oh, this isn't a surprize, we practiced this scenario three years ago in our Fool's Box."

Question - Does your company plan rely on situations you KNOW will happen in the future?