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Ooops, I poured Coke in my Starbucks cup

Have you ever made the mistake of thinking you were reaching for a glass of Coke and grabbed the day-old Starbucks instead?

    Coca-Cola's latest concept drink marries the two flavors into something they're calling Coca-Cola Blak.
When you need to make a change you can do a different thing OR do a thing differently. Into which of these categories would you place Coca-Cola Blak?
    Different thing?
    Thing done differently?


Clay said...

Definitely a different thing. This just isn't Coca Cola any more. It's Mocha Cola. That sounds like a whole new drink category to me (I think it already is overseas). BTW, Pepsi is coming out with Cino (cola and cappunchino).

Anonymous said...

It sounds like they are running out of marketing ideas and grasping at anything. "New" no longer means anything, we are bombarded by new new new everyday. Buy this it's new. Buy that it's a new fusion. I guess you could fuse cabbage and grape juice and come up with something new, will it sell? Maybe you put some caffine in it and call it grabage. :-)

Jim Seybert (on FoolsBox) said...

Not every new product or service will succeed - in fact most will not. That does not mitigate the need to look for new ideas that will work.

Cabbage+Grape juice might be a bust, but given the right market environment I can easily see it reaching a core audience of people who are looking for something high in the nutrients it would provide.

Michele said...

Hi Jim! One of the "jim-head" fans here! It appears to me that Coke is following the fad of coffee drinks. I'm surprised they didn't do a "low-carb" Coke 2 yrs ago. Look where that fad ended up.
They are going after some new customers with this - don't you think? Or perhaps they want existing Coke people to have something new to try.
Either way, I do not think this is a good idea for them - makes them look desperate to follow a trend for $$.

Jim Seybert (on FoolsBox) said...

I think the difference here is Coke's typical ability to win in many of the races it runs. They have the brand strength and capital to "pour" on the muscle (sorry for the pun) and make this thing happen.

I was in the store with my 19-year-old daughter last week. She saw this on the shelf and went balistic with excitement.

"If this tastes good, it will be HUGE," she said. It combines two of her favorite beverages into one.

Jury is out on the taste test.