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The ultimate recycling program

There are significant concerns over all the used electronic gear we dump into the world's landfills, but my cable tv provider seems to have figured out a way to reduce the amount of tech junk it generates -

When you bring in a DVR that doesn't work, they simply stick the defective one on a shelf and grab a "reconditioned" unit from the other end of the pile.

Today, when I asked the Service Rep to give me a "new unit, one that comes in a box" I was told there are "no new DVRs, anywhere."

    "You mean I can't get a NEW one, even if I'm willing to pay for it?"
    "No sir. They just aren't giving us any new ones."
    "So, when this one quits working, like the last one did after two weeks, what should I do?"
    "Bring it back and we'll replace it - FOR FREE."
I wonder how many times I'd need to return a defective unit before I got one I'd already brought in. I wanted SO much to be a fly on the wall so I could watch the Service Rep take the one I had just brought in and place it on top of the stack the minute I was out the door.

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