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I would be licking the glass

Now this must be SOME incredible Scotch -

Tasting For $30,000 Scotch Garners Free Advertising

Two bottles of The Balvenie Cask 191--a single malt Scotch priced at $30,000 per bottle--arrived under Brinks guard at a Toronto liquor store yesterday as part of a publicity stunt. One media specialist valued it as the equivalent of $300,000 in advertising because of the free articles that would presumably be written.

To the palpable delight of organizers, about 25 reporters and drinks critics dutifully showed up with uncommon punctuality to partake of a tutored tasting of the single malt Scotch, led by kilt-clad Balvenie brand ambassador David Mair.

Not only did 25 reporters show up, they arrived ON TIME for the event. Lesson learned: Do something remarkable and people will show up.

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