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Who wins the "PR Battle" in the Ahmadinejad visit?

It's all about image.

Seems to me there have been a number of "wins" in the recent flap over the Iranian leader's visit to Columbia University.

NPR reports this morning that Ahmadinejad's comments have earned him bonus points in Iran. But those same comments earned him negative points among American listeners.

Among pure Free Speech advocates, Columbia wins for inviting Ahmadinejad, while the school loses among hard-line Truth advocates, who claim his speech was full of lies.

In any situation, you will win and lose image points. Each is merely one "play" in a game that goes on and on. The important thing to keep in mind is your over all brand promise - determine what you stand for and don't waver from that position.

Seems to me both Columbia and Ahmadinejad did just that.

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