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Breathing "In"

When I started this blog in August 2005, my personal goal was to write something every weekday. My gut told me that frequency and regularity would be key to building a base of habitual readers who would then sneeze the blog to their friends and colleagues.

I stuck to the schedule for the first two months, even posting while on vacation and while taking my daughter to college for Freshman orientation. But, over the past two weeks, I have been less regular and I think it's a type of "inhaling" that's necessary to the creative process.

There are times when we need to stop and allow our souls to catch up; to let the dust settle; to straighten up the garage.

In the biblical story of Creation, even God took a break. The book of Genesis says God rested on the seventh day. God took a nap, so should we.

When was the last time you did something really foolish like stepping away for a few days to organize your sock drawer? How long has it been since your leadership team went on a real retreat? Have you been exhaling from a set of empty lungs?

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