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How do these people get to work?

I travel, a lot. Kinko's has become a sort of office-away-from-home for me, and I am always dialing 411 on my cell to find their nearest store. Once 411 connects me to the store, I give them my approximate location and ask for directions from where I am to where they are. It shouldn't be a difficult question - but I am amazed at the number of Kinko's people who have no idea where their store is.

Here's how the conversation went yesterday:

    Kinko's, can I help you?
    Yes. I am heading north on Whittier from Harbor and need to know where your store is? (Note, the store in on Whittier).
    You need directions to the store?
    Yeap. I'm heading north on Whittier.
    Ah, you'll need to hold on. (click - hold - NO MUSIC)
    Kinko's (new voice), can I help you?

    Yes, I am heading north on Whittier, from Harbor and need to know where your store is.
    You need directions? To the store?
    Where are you now?
    On Whittier, heading north.
    Just keep coming, all the way down, it's a long way.
    SIGH - What's the damn address?
    Of the store? (I am NOT kidding about that one).
    Ahh, 16330 - -
    At which point I cut him off because I had just driven past the store and now had to make a U-Turn to get back.
My point is: wouldn't it make sense to have some basic directions by the phone? Helping new customers find the store is a key element in getting them to spend money IN the store.

Another thought - shouldn't Kinko's have a database on their website that I could download to my PDA, listing all their locations, phone numbers and street addresses?

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