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Harsh Realities Set In

Wow - our nearly 20-year-old daughter came home from her summer job this week with the sad realization that she has a much stronger work ethic than nearly everyone else in the retail store at which she's employed for the summer.

She landed hard when the store manager, someone with a college degree and corporate training, came to unlock the place 35 minutes late - carrying a cup of Starbucks and looking hung-over. The manager tried to brush it off as getting up late, to which my daughter replied, "When you're late, you shouldn't stop for coffee."

I was about 4 years older when the reality hit me and I recall phoning my Dad to ask his advice. He told me the same thing I told my kid - "Don't set your standards by what others do."

In others words -

    Don't let the bastards drag you down to their level.
Curious - what would you say (or have your said) to a young worker in a similar situation?

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