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Twilight Zone?

Forget fireworks and backyard BBQ parties - my favorite thing about the 4th of July is SciFi Network's annual Twilight Zone marathon. Thanks to TiVo, I have enough Rod Serling to last me until the next video obession takes hold.

Are you addicted? What is it that keeps us glued to the set when Serling's little gems are on?

Is it the excitement of seeing a current "big star" in perhaps their first role? Is it the not-always-subtle jabs at conventional wisdom or societal norms? Perhaps the odd plot twists. Or even the often corny acting.

What ever it is, I can't wait "til next year when I'll watch them all again.

Seems to me that whatever it is that makes Twight Zone "sticky" could be replicated for other products and services. Yes?

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