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How amazing is JOTT?

Accidentally hit "redial" after Jotting myself. Didn't realize I'd connected.
Got to my hotel and had received a lengthy email detailing the TRAFFIC REPORT that must have been playing on the radio at the time of my dialing error.

The typist was clearly not familiar with our freeway system in LA, and many of the words were spelled phonetically - 405 became four or five - but the amazing thing is they also included the audio, so if I needed to, I could have deciphered what I had recorded.

And all that for $0.00

1 comment:

Ballut said...

Wow...even with a pocket dial, Jott is there to bring it's best! That is what I love about this company (not just the app..but the company as well), you get top service. I've read articles about the CEO getting involved first hand to help a jott user. Now THAT'S service. FREENESS IS GOODNESS!!!