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No more 39-cent stamps

When the Post Office raised 1st class postage to 41-cents a few months back, I bought a stack of 2-cent stamps to extend the usefulness of the 39-cent stamps we still had.

I misjudged and ended up with a few sheets of extra 2-cent stamps and when I went in to the PO today to buy a roll of 41's- I was told they no longer sold the 39-cent version.

So, I have a sheet of 2-cent stamps that are pretty much worth less than the sticky on which they're printed. (Granted the page represents only 40-cents in actual cost).

As I grumbled out of the Post Office about "stupid government agencies" that should "operate more like a real business" I realized that the government doesn't exactly hold a corner on the "ridiculous policies" market.

There are plenty of private commercial businesses with their share of inane decisions. Chances are you have a handful of them in your shop.

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