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New Blog/Website coming

I have been on a steep learning for the last week, working on a next level Internet presence for the web applications that support my consulting practice. I want a more cohesive web presence, everything in one place. I also wanted something I could update frequently without having to wait for a designer or code writer to fit me in to their schedule. 

Wordpress made the most sense. My web hosting service HawkHost includes Wordpress in their service and that cinched the deal. Just a few clicks and I was ready to start learning. My initial trial ended in dismal failure. Wordpress is easy to use ONCE you understand some basics. So, a visit to Barnes & Noble uncovered Scott McNulty's Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read - and I was off to the race track.

I like WP because although the entire site is a blog, I can set some "permanent" pages that act like pages in a standard website. So my Internet presence is interactive (the blog) and informative (the pages) all in the same place. 

The site is almost ready for general public consumption, so I'm doing a bit of a soft launch to readers of this - soon to be moth-balled - Google blog. I would be grateful for any comments or ideas you'd want to pass along. And ask that you not spread the URL around because it's just a beta at the moment.

By the way - Leadership RE:Vision continues to stay active at Amazon. It has been on the Top 100 leadership list for more than a week and in the Top 30 for a couple of those days.


Dave J. said...

Wordpress, it's what I'd tell just about anyone who says "I need a website" to use.

The biggest chore is keeping up with the frequent updates to WP. There is a plug-in to help make it way way easier. Maybe your ISP has a way to update it for you too.

Great template by the way. It doesn't scream 'wordpress'. If you paid for it, you got your money's worth!

Jim Seybert said...

I've heard about the need to stay on top of updates. Thanks for the tip on the plug-in.
This is actually their classic template, but I spent a ton of time customizing it. Looked at all sorts of templates and this one just seemed right for me - not cluttered and easy to navigate.