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The publishing process

I was recently asked why I had "used a publisher" for Leadership Re:Vision instead of self-publishing. The suggestion was that bringing a publisher into the mix actually reduced my potential income. And that's understandable. So here are some thoughts:

  • While there are some excellent books brought to market through the self-pub channel, I rather prefer the Stamp of Approval associated with the vetting process at Tyndale House and other publishers. I tend to love everything I write, but if my proposal successfully navigates the selection process, I know others feel the same.
  • The contract between me and the publisher forces me to stay focused, resulting in a far better product. Being undisciplined is one of my core competencies and facing a legally imposed deadline for completion keeps me moving ahead. I don't like giving money back.
  • Distribution and sales are something I have no taste for. Tyndale has warehouse people, ordering and delivery systems, sales people in the field and sales people meeting with larger retailers. There's no way I'd be able to do this. 
  • And the team work. I am really a hermit. Writing for me is a lonely profession. (The photo below is a self-portrait taken at a cabin near Yosemite). When I'm in writing mode, it's me and the book. Stephen King says the books already exist and it's our job to bring them to life. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but the book does become a jealous partner. So, when the writing is finished, it's great to have a whole team of folks ready to take the work and refine it into something people may actually want to exchange money for.
  • Relationships between authors and publishers are seldom described as love affairs, but I appreciate the value they bring to the table. 
Latest update -
  • Leadership Re:Vision has been a Top 30 Leadership title on Amazon for the past two days. Looking for a third - one day at a time. 
  • The guest host at WMUZ did a fine job with the interview today, despite having been handed the book as he walked into the studio.
  • Friday afternoon it's WORD-FM in Pittsburgh.

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