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Valiant Attempt Number Two (or Three)

My last post was nearly seven months ago - in the gap I have finished the manuscript for my second hardback (more in a later post), published a comprehensive update for my Guide to the Christian Market from EPM Communications and penned half a dozen magazine articles. 

With all that, the idea of writing a regular blog became less of a priority. I'm not sure if my abandonment of the blog was intentional, but I think my desire was to use the blog as a casual release for random thoughts and it was becoming more of a chore than a pleasure.

So, my renewed effort is going to be a lot less structured and predictable. I'll add a link here and there to connect readers with things they may find interesting but my intended audience for these entries is extremely narcissistic - I am writing this stuff for me.

If you happen along and enjoy reading over my shoulder, that's OK.

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