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Changing things - one leg at a time

Just when you thought there was nothing new in men's slacks - along come HORIZONTAL corduroys and seersuckers.

The company - Lindland's Cordarounds - is in San Francisco. You can only buy their slacks on line AND they have all sorts of "scientific" data to support their premise that cords and ripples going east to west are superior to those that run waist to cuff.

I don't know about wind resistance or drag co-efficiency, but I do know that they've found a wonderfully "foolish" way to market slacks.

Here's another great example of "do a different thing OR do a thing differently."

Suggestion: Show this to your team -- better yet, PURCHASE a pair of these and wear them into a staff meeting. Then ask - "Is this a different thing? Or, a thing done differently?"

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