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"Good enough" sucks

I seldom RANT in this space but what the heck is wrong with people who are satisfied with the status quo?

The main thing that separates us from the rest of the herd is our human ability to desire something more than we have. And if that's the truth, anyone who sits on his or her buns and is satisfied with "good enough" is somehow less-than-human.

A good-old-boy preacher from Nashville used a great line during a sermon I heard last year. He was sharing his vision of the future for his church and he said,

    "Don't tell me you like the status quo. 'Cuz status quo is just Greek for the mess we find ourselves in."

AMEN and AMEN Brother.

The next person who tells me they aren't interested in exploring new ideas in communicating their message is going to get a slap in the face. "Good enough" certainly isn't.
    Man's reach should exceed his grasp. Afterall, that's what heaven's for. -- Robert Browning

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