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DJ Ditty - if people won't sneeze it, why bother?

A piece in Information Week suggests that Dell may need to rely on "a bigger campaign" than the WOM effort they've developed to spread news about their latest entrant into the space dominated by Apple's iPod.

    Liem Nguyen, spokesman for the Round Rock, Texas, computer maker, said the Ditty, which sells for $99, marked the first time Dell has used a word-of-mouth ad campaign to sell a product. During more traditional product launches, Dell will advertise in print media and catalogs.
But the article says iPod accounts for more than 75% of the market and Dell may need to roll out a more traditional effort to earn attention.

Question:Will spending more dollars on ads that promote a product people are already not talking about, make the product any more likely to get talked about?

Another question: What will it take for a product to unseat the iPod?

Qustion Three: Did they intend for it to be confused with a BIC lighter? Will bringing one of these through Airport Security be a problem?

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