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Espresso Sessions

My clients invest a lot of time & money in trade shows, I am often called on to help them find foolish new ways to cut through the clutter. Trade shows are a great place to connect with customers, but when it comes to booth design and telling your story, the majority may as well have a big sign that says:

    Been There. Done That. Free T-Shirt.
Thanks to johnmoore at Brand Autopsy for an idea that I'm going to craft into something for a client. John attended an event that featured Espresso Sessions.

I am going to suggest to my client that they host a session VERY early in the morning, serve espresso and other high-energy goodies, play loud music, flash bright lights, and demand that people get their brains moving before many of them are even used to getting in the shower.

The foolish starting time - 5:00 or 5:30am - might be impossible for some to accept, but those who do will get such value that they'll be talking about it all day. I may suggest to the client that they repeat it each morning throughout the show, to take advantage of buzz from previous mornings.

This just might work. These shows are jammed with activities and exhibitors are finding it increasingly difficult to schedule time for people to attend presentations - so, why not take ridiculous ideas to their extremes and create a whole new block of time to tell your story.

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