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Blogging dilemma

To post or not to post -
That is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler to daily fill one's post with swill,
Or to wait until one has something substantive to spill.

And who's to say which post has value for others,
And which are nothing more than a bother.

I mean Jerry Seinfeld did an entire TV series on "nothing"
Yoko Ono once published a book that was nothing but blank pages (I bought one).

I do have something to write about. Notes like this in my email are better than gourmet tea:

I met you at the Church Bookstore Conference earlier this month and was lucky enough to get a copy of Leadership RE:Vision... I told you it was the book I was the most excited about... you asked me why and I shared with you that I am from a church where Leadership and Vision are constant topics. I couldn't wait to read your book... and NOW I'm so bummed I'm through it. I purposely slowed down my pace in the final few chapters, only allowing myself one per day. I wanted to savor the first read through fully! Though I am certain each time I read it I will find something new to love and learn from.

This book is absolutely incredible! You really opened my eyes to stuff I was missing or ignoring. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for a fresh perspective!
Wow - how cool is that? Something I had the pleasure of writing is going to help someone get unstuck.

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