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Book promotion continues - Slightly peeved at Staples.com

I use Staples.com for office necessaries because with a $50 order they'll bring it to my door and the online inventory allows to buy exactly what I need, rather than settling for what I can find in the store.

We're rolling out promotion on Leadership Re:Vision and an important element in the plan involves mailing copies to friends and family. I went online, found the perfect mailing envelope and placed the order. It came to $45 and some change, so I found a box of pencils I needed, added it to the order and hit the $50 level for complimentary shipping. 

When the confirmation email arrived, I noticed that the pencils will arrive within a few days, but the envelopes won't get here until Feb 4 - more than a week away. Hmmm. Darn.  I wanted to mail those books THIS week and I don't think Staples.com warned me sufficiently about the lengthy wait for my order.

So - if I cancel the envelope order, will I get a box of pencils delivered with a shipping charge that is more than the item itself? Perhaps I'll send them an email or try to contact their customer service people. 

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