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Sometimes you get exactly what you asked for

Came home Friday from a grueling day of driving in the rain on LA freeways and didn't feel like cooking supper. Rhonda had a rough week at work - so we decided to use one of the coupons in our dining out book and went to a place that features "home-style cooking."

The food was crap. Over-cooked meatloaf, seasoned with a tablespoon of black pepper per bite. Canned green beans, suspended in a cesspool of stewed tomato and bacon bits.  If this actually was the style of cooking in my HOME, I'd run away and join the circus.

Note to self - people go to restaurants to eat "restaurant-style food." 

It comes down to adding value. When people interact with you, do they come away better from the connection? Personally, professionally. Do you seek to add to or subtract from the exchanges you encounter along the way?

Do you know your strengths? Are you using them? I will admit that I am a Maximizer and somewhat picky about the food I eat - but the cook at this place should really try another line of work.

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