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Facebook or LinkedIn ??

I've noticed a change in my use of LinkedIn since starting with Facebook.

Is it the newness (for me) of Facebook?
Is the interface so much more compelling?

Does LinkedIn function as my "serious" place and Facebook as my alter ego?
I have done more "business" on Facebook than LinkedIn.
But LinkedIn has more contact detail.

LinkedIn has more employment and professional information.
But Facebook allows potential clients/partners to see what makes me tick.


Dave J. said...

Is that what it comes down to, the UI? The details make the difference. Could also be its universal application makes it easier to be what you want it to be?

I'm not there yet, but thanks for proving I should be.

Jim Seybert said...

The Ui on FB is certainly more robust. It sure does compel continued attention. I get much more response from FB than I ever did from LinkedIn. I wish there was more professional detail on FB.