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Creating buzz for Leadership Re:Vision

In the continuing series on activities related to promoting my new book:

Had a good lunch meeting yesterday with Ron Johnston and my daughter, Noelle. Ron is a former Apple exec and Web2.0 guru. Noelle really "gets" social networking. We had a lively discussion about all the channels available and necessary to create buzz over the book when it releases a couple of weeks.

There's a mind-numbing labyrinth of touch points that need to be covered, none of which on its own will generate a critical mass of awareness; each adding to an amorphous mosaic that will raise Leadership RE:Visionabove the clutter. None of the promotional channels can stand alone, but none can be ignored.

This is the perfect definition of "buzz" - a difficult to define amount of noise, coming from many sources, all about the same product or idea. Consider the actual occurrence of buzzing - a bee, fly or wasp. When the insect approaches, you don't hear the flapping of each individual wing, but rather the buzz that's created by the sum of the parts. 

Buzz over a particular product or service - in my case, the new book - is the sum of awareness caused by the individual networks we'll use to promote it. This blog entry, on its own, will not assure success, but it adds to the chatter - and helps to "create buzz."

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