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Can fools build bridges?

My brother John reminded me of the infamous character from San Francisco history known as Emperor Norton. This guy was a dreamer and probably a bit crazy, but he's widely credited with some great ideas that shaped San Francisco into the uniquely wonderful city it is today.

One of his most noted bits of "foolishness" was to suggest spanning the Golden Gate with a bridge. Keep in mind he died in 1880, about 50 years before construction on the Golden Gate Bridge was started.

So, my brother asked, "Can fools build bridges?"
"Define a bridge," I replied.
"A bridge," he said, "is something that takes us from one place to another across an otherwise unpassable divide."

Fools are people who speak the truth in unusual ways. They are people who help us look at things differently by asking the "foolish" questions no one else can or will.

By taking us from one place (the present) and transporting us to another place (the future), fools certainly can and do build bridges.

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