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I am NOT kidding

While reviewing some meeting notes with a pro bono client, I came across something that caused me to LOL (laugh out loud).

The organization desperately needs to update some service offerings and programs but doing so will slaughter some very well-established sacred cows. From just about everyone’s perspective the changes are critical and without them the organization will be doomed to fail within the space of just a few years as constituent levels continue a steady decline.

One member of the leadership team is highly invested in maintaining the status quo; having successfully blocked every attempt to implement new ideas. It was this individual whose comment during the meeting was packed with ironic hilarity.

When another team member suggested the organization might run a 6-month test to “see how people respond to the idea” this guy says – and I am NOT kidding, “I don’t want to try anything new, because if it works, we’ll never go back to the old way.”

Read it again.

And you thought your group was the only one with problems like this!


The Seyb said...

I recently noticed a sign that said "Don't worry, having an open mind doesn't mean your brain will fall out."

At first glance this person's comment makes me think they have this fear, but then I realize to make a comment like that they can't possibly have a brain that would fall out.

Jim Seybert (on FoolsBox) said...

I am convinced the fear they have is one of losing their ground. This person is doing whatever they can to protect their turf - but the ultimate result will be loss of their turf along with everyone elses.