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Carpé Mañana

As someone who spends a considerable amount of his time in the future, I've always had a problem with the Latin phrase Carpé Diém.

I actually like the idea of "seizing" the day, but doing so can lead to a reactionary and shortsighted approach. Taken at face value, "Seize the Day" could be translated into "Grab Whatever Comes Along."

So, I was pleased this week to hear a university president encourage incoming freshmen students to Carpé Mañana - seize tomorrow.

Suggestion: Decide before today, what you will do today. When your organization is faced with a difficult situation that demands a quick decision, it is very helpful to rely on pre-established core values with which everyone agrees.

The five values I use in my practice are, in order of importance:

Integrity - I will always tell you the truth
Excellence - I will always make you look good
Value - I will always add something to the equation
Fun - God promises an "abundant life" and I intend to live one
Profits - It has to be profitable for both of us

Using this matrix to filter decisions helps me keep things in perspective.

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