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Lookin' for fun, and feelin' groovy*

I am fascinated by the premise of In Praise of Slowness from Carl Honoré.

Published in the spring of 2004, In Praise of Slowness presents arguments and case histories to support the idea that "many of us live in fast forward - and pay a heavy price for it. Our work, health and relationships suffer. Over-stimulated, over-scheduled and overwrought, we struggle to relax, to enjoy things properly, to spend time with family and friends."

Honoré explores evidence of a world-wide movement focused on the deceleration of life. But it's not some return-to-the-sixties concept where we all give up cars and check email by candle light. "Being slow," explains the author, "means living better in the hectic modern world by striking a balance between fast and slow."

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* - 59th Street Bridge Song -- Paul Simon

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