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Three Cheers!!! for the pessimists

I'm having a good time re-reading Seth Godin’s Free Prize Inside and had to chuckle at the twist he uses to define those people in every organization who will never support a new idea. Seth says these folks must be optimists because they think things just can't get any better than they already are.

These steadfast naysayers typically lack the ability to imagine anything different so we really can't call them "optimists" - but let's play along with Seth for a moment.

IF a pessimist is someone who is unhappy with the status quo - give us more pessimists.

IF pessimism is the power that drives a quest for different ideas - every company should appoint a Vice President of Corporate Pessimism.

"Blessed are the pessimists, for they shall change the world."


Anonymous said...

I always thought of myself as an optimist but you have certainly given me something new to consider today. I like a challenge and get frustrated with people who are fearfull or hesitant to try something new or different. If I consider that optimism means that I am happy with things just the way they are without changing, it puts a whole new light on my frustrations. Thank You!!

Jim Seybert (on FoolsBox) said...

Sometimes shaking the box is all we need to help us see things differently. Glad I could help.

If you haven't, pick up a copy of Seth's Free Prize. It has some good tips for moving a new idea through an organization.