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It's not MY car, it's OUR car

I am intrigued by TV commercials for the Kia Sportage, particularly one named Key Toss. Perhaps you've seen it: a woman tosses the keys to her Sportage out the window, where they are caught by a man in a business suit who drives the car for a while and then tosses the keys to a guy with a guitar, who tosses them to a waitress, who tosses them to a dog-walker on the beach. . . you get the picture.

The spot's only copy is the words to a song, "Start having a great life." This isn't about "owning" a car. No one in the commercial seems to give a second thought to the way "ownership" of the car is tossed from one person to the next.

Who ever is doing these commercials really has a handle on post-modern sensitivity.

Warning: If there's no one on your staff who thinks and breathes post-modern culture, you are in for a rough ride. To quote an old friend who still resonates with me, "the times, they are a-changin'."

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