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TiVO Beats the F-Fwd Button

"We're trying to allow viewers to get the best out of their viewing experience," said David Courtney as he announced a new feature on TiVO that will display an advertiser's brand on the screen as viewers fast-forward through the commercials.

The new feature will also allow viewers to press a button that takes them deeper into the advertiser's product information - like a "right click" on their computer mouse.

This is a tremendous example of the new paradox faced by business leaders in the 21st century. Unlike the old "third alternative" approach where both sides to an dilemma give a little to reach compromise - this solution gives advertisers and viewers what they want.

Advertisers win. Viewers win. TiVO wins.

Discussion: Look at some recent compromise decisions in company and discuss solutions that would have provided a 100% "win" for both sides.

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